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Oh I found the magi events on stream



YAY!! it is 3.15 in the morning but i want to watch it but i have to wake up another few hours later……… :(


Fukuyama Jun: “I wore negligees for about three years?” Sakurai Takahiro: “…!?”

FukuJun: Hello! I’m Fukuyama Jun and I play Lelouch Lamperouge AKA LelouLam.

Sakupyon: What was that just now? Hello, I’m Sakurai Takahiro and I play Kururugi Suzaku AKA KuruSuza.

FukuJun: Yep. Those are our names for this segment tonight.

I won’t be translating the whole clip unfortunately but I’ll give a summary of what they say. I think this is a clip from a promotional radio they did for Code Geass R2 back in the day. I wasn’t able to grasp what FukuJun was saying after the intro but he randomly gave away a few moans and said that’s kinda how hyper they get around midnight. So late to be having a radio show! Sakupyon asks what everyone’s wearing lmao and FukuJun jumps in and says negligees.


Sakupyon: You know negligees…? I’ve never properly looked at one.

FukuJun: You haven’t?

Sakupyon: Have you ever properly looked at a girl wearing a negligee?

FukuJun: Rather than on a girl, I’ve worn more negligees myself.

Sakupyon: Woah, what’s with that? (1, 2, 1, 2?)

FukuJun: I can relax properly in a negligee.

Sakupyon: Wait-wait-wait-wait, please explain clearly. Is that okay?

FukuJun: Explain what?

Sakupyon: Are you okay to explain? We’ll get the wrong idea otherwise.

FukuJun: A man isn’t allowed to wear a negligee?

Sakupyon: Hmm…I think it’s for the best that a man doesn’t.

FukuJun: Seriously?

Sakupyon: Did something happen?


I think here FukuJun talks about when he was at his parents house (probably when he was younger) he used to wear red, white and striped negligees for three years during summer. Sakupyon laughs. They maybe talk about the material (?) and Sakupyon questions if it were muumuu rather than a negligee. FukuJun says his mother bought them and he thought it wasn’t fair (that she bought them/wore them/didn’t share them?)

Couldn’t catch what else they said but something about FukuJun’s mother wearing them and him not being too pleased that she would be wearing one of his?

Sakupyon says he thought negligees had lace on them but those types are found mostly on afternoon dramas. FukuJun sets the record straight that negligees aren’t as perverted as some think. Since Sakupyon hasn’t really seen what one really is he’s been curious.


Sakupyon: When I first saw one I was actually disappointed.

FukuJun: Disappointed?!

Sakupyon: Yeah.

FukuJun: I even wear bathrobes!

Sakupyon: This isn’t a bathrobe conversation!

FukuJun: *LOL*

Sakupyon: I wear bathrobes! They’re so handy in summer.

FukuJun: They are, aren’t they?

Sakupyon: Extremely handy.

FukuJun: I used to admire the bathrobe so even when I lived in a tatami room (not actually his)…

Sakupyon: *LMAO*

FukuJun: I’d wear a bathrobe - I used to live in a traditional apartment on the second floor of a shop down a shopping street. I’d wear a bathrobe and sit down on the tatami mat with my own mixed Cassis Oolong (this?)

Sakupyon: *LMAO*

FukuJun: CHEAP! I’d look up at the sky but I’d only see the ceiling light. And that’s what I used to do.

Sakupyon: It’s possible that some of our listeners are looking like that right now (the bathrobe and cocktail thing). I’d wanna do that on the radio.

FukuJun: Let’s move on.


cr. on the photos

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Ja’far & Ren Hakuryuu… So cute!! (✿ ♥‿♥)


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Akogare no Date - Vol.2 (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)

I’ve been meaning to get this out for aaages. I’d started it last October…

Translation isn’t 100% accurate (and I’ve taken loads of liberties) but find it under the cut!

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AD-LIVE 2014 - Sakurai Takahiro

Not my scans!

Credits to: __Julie__ (from Weibo Life)


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『しろくまカフェ』~七夕だよ!笹に願いを!~ 夜の部

Shirokuma Cafe ~Tanabata da yo! Sasa ni negai wo! ~ Yoru no Bu (~ Tanabata Festival! Bamboo wishes! ~ Night Session)

The infamous session with Mamo-chan as guest. Seeing Sakupyon and the others in tears made my sides hurt. Bless Mamo.

Watch the vids online here! (Not my links btw):


Seiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro
Seiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro

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Sakurai Takahiro no (笑) Episode 25 - Guest: Fukuyama Jun


Found a link. Watch this episode online here:



The life of an idol….. ummm i mean seiyuu?

Shajo Arashi

Morikawa Toshiyuki as Ookino Ouji
Fukuyama Jun as Fukumoto Jun (FukuJun)
Sakurai Takahiro as Sakura Isho
Sugita Tomokazu as Akiba Haranosukebe
Toriumi Kousuke as Sannomiyawa Kobe (Mino)

Their hit song: Rinpa no Kanata he (Beyond the Lymph)

I’ve left it too long to write down the full dream which means I’ve forgotten like the majority of the details.orz

You know when you start becoming aware of who you are in a dream? It started off like that - where I was halfway through a dream and then I was actually in it…(Pfft, that’s an awful description)

I’m working for a charitable organisation and I’m walking around with 2 other people trying to get people to sponsor us or something.

Stuff happens and the organisation then tries to determine a particular disability to focus on raising money for. I was one of the people that had to decide between 2 disabilities. Can’t remember one of them BUT the other was related to walking. And Sakupyon was in charge of that part of the organisation. I guess there were, like, divisions or something.

It was weird because I was on my way to go tell the other division we’d chosen them as the focus of our next charity fundraising until I was approached by Sakupyon. Bearing in mind, for some reason this was like 8pm and completely dark outside as I was walking down the street. THIS is the point he comes up to me.

Anywho, he managed to totally charm the pants off me. LITERALLY. Like in the next scene we’d slept together. ((((;゜Д゜))) The sad thing is my dream did a stupid PG-13 jobby and did one of those morning after scenes. I never got to experience see anything good after he laid me gently on the bed. ARGH. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。  Also it went to that weird third person mode where you’re not you but you are you kinda thing so I watched myself wake up, look down at Sakupyon, roll him over on his back and put his glasses on. At that point he laughed because he was pretending to be asleep. (。・//ε//・。)

We got up and I went to my superiors and was like “hey, giving the walking division the start-up money for fundraising” and then I gave the cash to Sakupyon.

BUT he was evil! DUN DUN DUN!!!

Can’t exactly remember what happened but I felt totally betrayed and I think he ran off with the money or something lol not the best ending, I gotta say.

Then I woke up but rather feeling sad I was absolutely elated and had completely renewed love and admiration for dear, dear Sakupyon.

Lol so freakin’ crazy. And here I thought I couldn’t remember most of the dream. Guess that was the bulk of it.

*surfs the Sakurai Takahiro tag 5eva*

Nobunaga The Fool - Voice Actors

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This is what made me lose all reason and suddenly buy a magazine and vol.1 of this manga. I am not even going to try to justify myself.

have you ever been sexually attracted to a voice

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